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Regional Information


Local Labour Market Areas
Service Canada's on-line Labour Market Information Service enables you to explore prospects for employment, job trends, wages and working conditions, and a wealth of other community and work related information for local labour market areas in Saskatchewan.

It provides practical and timely information to help individuals make career choices and find suitable employment and to assist small businesses to make human resource decisions, and organizations and communities to better plan for the future.

Northern Saskatchewan

Northern Saskatchewan: Keewatin Career Development Corporation (KCDC) provides information on the northern Saskatchewan labour market. You can find Job Forecasts By Industry for northern industry sectors, a Northern Saskatchewan Business Directory, Community Profiles for Northern Saskatchewan and much more.


SaskBiz - This site provides the most comprehensive listing of information on communities and regions in Saskatchewan. It contains up-to-date information on economic indicators (such as population, occupation and labour force, education, leading employers, utilities, transportation, trade and marketing statistics, government data, agriculture and taxation) as well as quality of life indicators (such as schools, recreational facilities, health care facilities, religious institutions and housing).


The Ministry of the Economy provides links to Community Home Pages which detail local information on communities across Saskatchewan.


Economic and Labour Market

Saskatchewan Trends Monitor tracks economic, social and demographic trends from a Saskatchewan perspective. This pdf is an example of the current information Saskatchewan Trends Monitor produces: Labour Market Situational Analysis

Saskatchewan Bureau of Statistics web site has quick facts on Saskatchewan and a collection of Labour Force Surveys that cover 1999 - today. Each of the monthly surveys include a summary of the statistics as well as information on employment and unemployment rates in the province.

Statistics Canada Community Profiles provides details on the labour force, and the employed and unemployed, for Saskatchewan communities.



Home / Labour Market Information / Regional-Saskatchewan
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